Since 2021, our factory has begun to produce the façade mesh. The product has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality as well as market distribution. We are applying the standards and criteria required to put the product in the world market. This is only the first step of our strategic development.

Always understanding the importance of being different from others, we aim to develop our assortment, business practices and culture with great passion. This incited us to express our experience in the manufacturing of quality products. As a result, we have invested in sophisticated equipment and efficient modern technologies that enable the production of facade mesh. This has influenced the increase of the competition of our products by complying to the standards, policies and practices developed in EU countries. We are committed to pursuing new scientific breakthroughs and integrating them into our products and services in order to enhance the quality of life and business development of our loyal customers in an inspiring and innovative way. We want to show the world that even in Kosovo, high quality products can be produced in accordance with the defined criteria. We will continue with the branding of quality products, being the first to produce them at each stage of their development.

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