We have developed together

More than 1,500 sales points are part of our distribution network throughout Kosovo. Thanks to our experience in this activity, quality and categorization of products, we represent and support a vast network of buyers by supplying them with selected products. This network is a key component of our success over the years.

Our strength consists in the cooperation we have with the sales points throughout the cities of Kosovo. Strong international brands, exceptional customer service and our supply chain make us the ideal sales partner. In weekly visits, our team supports all sales points that are willing to sell quality products that directly affect settlement investment. Focusing on market and customer needs, we are the essential partner for so many businesses by providing them with distribution and services at the right time and place. Furthermore, we have supported many of the sales points in their beginnings by offering them the support and assistance required to cope with the specifics of this economic activity. This has made our connection with this network of buyers a social, reliable and highly productive one.




Edoni Logistic Center