Hassan Group

The history of Hassan Group starts in 1960 when the brothers Ahmet and Dilaver Hadesmir moved to Kayseri, a provincial town in Turkey, in Istanbul, at a very young age and began working on sites as painting experts. The difficulties which they met during executing certain works determined them to develop hand tools for self use, tools that were subsequently were used successfully by their colleagues and friends.

The hand tools, own innovation, were used for decorating, hence the name of the brand dekor.

A few years later the wood handle spatula was launched on the market and requested more and more, therefore the Hadesmir brothers were propelled to improve their production process and started to manufacture this product in the basement of a building in Sapanbaglari – Turkey.

Between 1970 and 1979 the two brothers decide to continue their commercial activity within two different companies Hasan Products- Dilaver Hadesmir and dekor Rulo- Ahmet Hadesmir.

Between 1980 and 1989 the products of the Hadesmir brothers managed to propel Turkey’s economy.

Between 1990-1999 Hasan Products changes its name to HASSAN BUILDING MACHINE IND.&TRADE LTD and the company of  Dilaver Hadesmir will be registered under the name DEKOR.

The ones who 45 years ago made their only product on a basement ended supplying craftsmen in over 50 countries on 4 continents with over 350 products manufactured in a space of 21.000 square meters.

The 2 dekor companies thus created, address today the construction sectors (BUILDING MACHINE IND.&TRADE LTD ) and  appliances (Dekor Rulo) and are leaders in this field in Turkey, with a market share of 80%.